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Flight Safety Guidelines In United States

Airport Restricted Area

No-fly zone

Refers to the elliptical area formed by an extending 6 kilometers of the ends of the airport runway, and an extending 6 kilometers of the sides of runway in width.

flight-safety - No-flight-zone-in-airport

Other Restricted Areas

To avoid flight risks, sensitive areas such as important government body, prisons, and nuclear power plants are defined as restricted-flying zones. While ensuring safety as much as possible, areas such as large-scale performances, important meetings, and disaster rescue sites are also defined as restricted-flying areas to maintain public safety.

No-Fly Zone Behavior

When the drone is approaching a restricted-flying zone or an area not recommended for flying, we recommend that you click return home button and re-select the flight location. Please check U.S. laws before flying and comply with U.S. laws and regulations.

Flight Safety Principle

flight-safety - Drones-flight-laws

Comply with local laws and check relevant laws before flying

flight-safety - Drones-flight-open-area

Flying in the open and sight distance range. For safety reasons, do not fly over people, animals, or moving vehicles.

flight-safety - Drones-flight-safty-altitude

Fly at a safe altitude, the flying height should be higher than the surrounding obstacles, keep away from high-rise buildings, signal towers, high-voltage power grid, and other interference places.

flight-safety - Drones-flight-keep-sober

Stay sober to control the drone and fly in good weather.

flight-safety - Remote-Controller-of-drones

Stay full control of the aircraft with both hands.

flight-safety - GPS-of-drones

Receive a good GPS signal before taking off, please do not turn off GPS for flight.

flight-safety - Drones-flight-check-battery

Make sure blades are installed correctly and firmly without deformation, the appearance of the accessories is intact, and the equipment is fully charged.

flight-safety - Drones-flight-guildine-video

Please read the accompanying instructions carefully and watch the instructional video before flying.