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Fully assess and exchange your Ruko products

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  • Exchange Service is only available for product without Ruko Care Service

    If you have the following demands, it is recommended to choose the following service portals to complete the service application: If you need to use Ruko Care Refresh, please go to Ruko Care Refresh; Orders from other channels need return service, please contact the original purchase channel.
  • Product Sending

    To ensure that Ruko can provide comprehensive and precise assessment and damage responsibility result for your product, it is recommended that you send back the components or complete set of product based on relevant tips on the Exchange Service application page within 7 calendar days after submitting an exchange application. The service may be postponed if some components are not sent back. *To avoid personal property loss, please do not send us third-party propellers, stickers/QR codes on the product, iPad, DSLR camera, external microSD card and other personal accessories.
  • Exchange Fees

    The exchange fees depend on the inspection result. If the component(s) or the product under warranty has a manufacturing defect, free exchangement service will be provided. For component(s) or the product out of warranty, the quotation will be sent to you by Ruko after inspection. Meanwhile, you can check the price of accessories on the Accessory Price Inquiry page.
  • Shipping Fees

    After the exchange application is submitted, ship your product to Ruko Service Center with a shipping label provided if you are within the service range of Ruko cooperative carrier or contact an express company to mail the product to the Ruko Service Center using the cash on delivery method. (Shipping fee policy: If the component(s) or the product under warranty has a manufacturing defect, two-way shipping fees will be covered by Ruko.)


  • What is the Exchange Service process? replace-faq
    1. Exchange application submission: Describe the product defects and provide your personal information. Then a service case will be generated automatically for you. 2. Product sending: Ship your product to Ruko Service Center with a shipping label provided by Ruko if necessary. 3. Inspection and exchange in Ruko Service Center: The Ruko Service Center will assess your materials and then send you a quotation. The exchange process for your product will begin after you've made the payment. 4. Finish processing and sending out: The Ruko Service Center will send the exchangement unit to you.
  • How long will my Exchange Service take? replace-faq
    The Exchange Service will be completed within 7 working days after Ruko Support Team receives your ticket. Ruko will send you an email notification once the exchangement is shipped.
  • What components should I ship to the Ruko Service Center? replace-faq
    Please refer to the information mentioned in the “Exchange Service” application page.