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Ruko is committed to helping pilots unleash their aerial creativity safely and responsibly. In keeping with that commitment, we're offering this page filled with the latest tips, regulatory links, and instructional videos. You can also learn about the Ruko flight restriction zones and FAQS about No-Fly Zone. While we've made every effort to provide comprehensive information, this page is not a substitute for pilot's ability to exercise good judgment. As a Ruko pilot, you are solely responsible for ensuring your flights are conducted safely and in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

Flight Safety Tips

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  • Comply with local laws and check relevant laws before flying

  • Flying in the open and sight distance range. For safety reasons, do not fly over people, animals, or moving vehicles.

  • Fly at a safe altitude. The flying height should be higher than the surrounding obstacles, and keep away from tall buildings.

  • Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Keep your hands on the control sticks to maintain control throughout flight.

  • Receive a good GPS signal before taking off. Please do not turn off GPS for flight.

  • Make sure blades are installed correctly and firmly without deformation, the appearance of the accessories is intact, and the equipment is fully charged.

  • Practice flying in the Flight Simulator.