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The Policy Brief Of Drones

In the United States, the government allows drones to fly in certain areas, and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the main regulatory agency for drones, has formulated a series of related regulations to ensure the safe flight of drones. According to the current legal provisions, all individual operating drones are supervised, so they must strictly abide by local regulations while flying.

flight-guidelines - drone-altitude-limit-Limit

120m altitude limit
Limit (400 ft)

flight-guidelines - No-flight-zone

Stay away from
accidental areas

flight-guidelines - fly-within-sight-distance

Fly within sight

flight-guidelines - drone-don-drink-alcohol

Avoid flying after alcohol

flight-guidelines - drone-avoid-dense-crowd

Stay away from
the dense crowd

flight-guidelines - drone-flight-regulations

Pay attention
to special regulations

Important Information

1.Drones weighing more than 0.25KG need to be registered and certified on the FAA official website (currently all RUKO drones are heavier than 0.25KG)
2.If using drones for commercial or other purposes, an additional certification is needed.

Instructions for carrying the battery

If you want to carry extra drone backup batteries when traveling, please pay attention to the battery transportation regulation of major airlines.

We have collected the relevant policies and regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regarding battery carrying and consignment, and most airlines have similar consignment policies to them.”

The above regulation are for reference only, please refer to the airlines for battery carrying regulation.