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RC Car Q111
Q111 - RC-Car-Q111

RC Car Q111

Accessories Of RC Car Q111
FAQ Of The Product
About 15KM/H.
High torque motors, Catapult start, Simulation of smoke, etc.
It is recommended to play on smooth ground.
It may cause the track to fall when turning quickly on rough ground.
Head Light, Tail Light, High Light.
380 RC electric motor.
Asynchronous steering of left and right tracks.
Electronically controlled brake.
Speed Changing: The remote control car adopts infinitely speed changing.
The remote control uses Full-scale synchronous control system.
3* 1.5V AA batteries(No Including)
18650 high rate battery.
Use 5V/2A USB charger. It is forbidden to use fast chargers that exceed the rated power of the battery.
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh.
The car speed will slow down, the car lights will flash.
It is recommended to charge and discharge it once a month, do not store it with a full charge, keep 50%-60% of the electricity, the storage temperature is 10-40°C, and the best storage temperature is 19-21°C.
Swipe right to NO to turn on the remote control.
Enter automatic pair, beep, beep, beep and beep three times, the blue light on the front of the car and the indicator of the remote control are always on, means that the pair is successful.
The trigger range of the remote control to adjust the control speed.
The greater the amplitude, the faster the speed.
①Short press the remote control smoke button to enter smoke mode.
②The light at the smoke hole of the remote control car lights up, and the smoke is automatically sprayed.
When the remote control car is moving forward, it will brake when the throttle stick is moved to the backward direction.
Toggle the back button for the second time or hold it for 3 seconds before the remote control car can go back.
When the temperature of the motor is high, the high-temperature protection will be triggered, and the remote control car will slow down or stop running, and can only drive normally after the temperature drops.
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RC Car Q111

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