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Support Fun Toys Rc Cars 1601amp2

Support For 1601AMP2


Body shell
Remote Controller

Body shell

  • What kind of information can I refer to when I start to know more about 1601AMP cars?

    Users can refer to the user manual
  • What is the size of the 1601AMP RC Car?

    Commodity size 40×27.5×21cm
  • Where is the switch of the 1601AMP RC Car?

    roof button
  • What kind of place is suitable for user to drive 1601AMP?

    Can be used on land or water
  • What is the waterproof grade of 1601AMP?

    IPX6 level
  • Is there a protective film on the surface of the 1601AMP car shell?

    Yes, can be torn off before use


  • How to complete the 1601AMP linking?

    utomatic frequency binding when booting
  • The 1601AMP has a large body, how to operate it more flexibly to turn around?

    Can be rotated 360° in situ
  • What should I pay attention to when 1601AMP is wading and playing?

    1. Please seal the waterproof glue of the battery cover 2. Do not use the remote control car at a long distance after the remote control alarm, to avoid the remote control can not return. 3. Do not soak the remote control car in water for a long time 4. Do not press the car into the water 5. Do not play in the sea, firstly avoid excessive waves, secondly seawater corrosion.
  • How can I maintain 1601AMP after wading and playing?

    1. Pay attention to place the remote control car in a ventilated place to avoid moisture. 2. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, which will cause the waterproof glue to age. 3. When replacing the battery, pay attention to the water stains left on the fuselage to avoid wading the battery. 4. Timely treatment of residual water stains on the fuselage


  • What kind of battery does 1601AMP use?

    Comes with rechargeable lithium battery
  • What is the maximum voltage for the adapter supported by the 1601AMP car battery?

  • What is the drive time for each 1601AMP car battery?

    25 minutes
  • What is the capacity of the 1601AMP battery?

    7.4V 850mAh
  • How long does it take to charge the 1601AMP battery?

    About 3 hours 5V=2A
  • Is there a reminder for low battery?

    The remote control will make a "dididi" sound, the power will drop, and it can be used for about 5 minutes
  • How to maintain the 1601AMP battery?

    1. When saving the battery, please ensure that there is about 60% of the remaining power, and store it in a cool environment, avoiding high temperature exposure. 2. At the same time, it is recommended to charge and discharge once a month to optimize the performance of the battery. 3. Charge the battery after it has cooled down just after use. 4. Do not use fast charging 5. Avoid prolonged overcharging

Remote Controller

  • What type of remote control does 1601AMP car use?

    Key drive type
  • What type of remote control signal does 1601AMP use?

  • What kind of battery does the 1601AMP transmitter use?

    About 40 meters on land (no interference) About 20 meters above the water (no disturbance)
  • What battery does the 1601AMP remote control use?

    Use 2 AA batteries, you need to bring your own


  • Can I purchase the parts of 1601AMP?



  • How many motors does 1601AMP use?

    2 motors
  • Is 1601AMP a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive?

    four wheel drive
  • Will the speed of 1601AMP decrease when driving on the water?

    The horizontal resistance is greater, and the maximum speed is 1.5Km/h
  • Can I adjust the speed of 1601AMP?

    not support

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