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You Are Not Alone

With Our Accompany

Robots - 14198
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First Mate 1088

He is the backbone of the team. He has explored deep space many times and gained a wealth of experience. His cosmic language and political wisdom make interstellar journeys possible. He keeps the team united and keeps all of the crew energetic.
Robots - 14194

Warrior 7088

Combat effectiveness is not his only bright spot. He is familiar with various weapon systems, is highly sensitive, quickly analyzes terrain, and organizes battle efficiency. He is the source of the crew's sense of security.
Robots - 14195

Comedian NX01

She loves singing and dancing, making faces amusing to the others. She brings joy to everyone, releasing the stress of the star trip.

Chief Engineer 6088

No one knows this ship better than he does. The high-profile mechanical talents always make the impossible possible and help this ship out of its predicament.
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