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Drone F11MINI
F11MINI - Drone-F11MINI

Drone F11MINI

Accessories Of Drone F11MINI
FAQ Of The Product

F11MINI Aircraft

Must download Ruko Mini APP. You can scan the code in the user manual to download or search for “Ruko Mini” in the play store or Apple store.
Weight is less than 250g. No need to register.
No body storage, you can install with a micro SD card by yourself, the storage for micro SD card can be up to 128G.
After you turn on the drone, turn on the remote controller, please push up the left joystick to pair thedrone with the controller.
The compass needs to be calibrated every time when it is taken off. Refer to the Ruko Mini app guide to complete the calibration. Short press the auto return button to activate the compass calibration to make the flight more accurate.

F11MINI Camera


Check whether the WANL function of the mobile phone supports dual-band (2.4G+5,8G)
It should be that the drone WiFi does not need a password and can access the Internet, so there will be a prompt. When the WiFi settings appear, we choose to keep connected to the drone’s WiFi to transmit the drone. picture

F11MINI Image Transmission

5G Enhanced Wi-Fi Image Transmission Technology
160-240ms (influenced by flight environment and mobile device performance)
Please adjust the antenna direction according to the position of the drone, that is, make the remote control antenna point to the aircraft. Close other running programs in the background of the mobile device to maintain the best performance of the mobile device. 2.4 GHz wireless devices such as Bluetooth and mobile phone Wi-Fi may interfere with the image transmission signal. Please stay away from dense Wi-Fi signal sources, and consider turning off mobile phone Bluetooth and redundant Bluetooth devices.
The farthest image transmission distance can reach 500 meters.

F11MINI Propulsion

Maximum wind resistance class 4 (7 m/s)
The maximum take-off altitude of the Ruko F11MINI is 2000 meters

F11MINI Battery

The fastest charging time is about 3.5 hours with a 5V=3A charging head.
Short press the power button of the aircraft, then press and hold for two seconds to power on.
When storing the battery, please ensure about 60% of the remaining power, keep it in a cool environment, avoid high temperature exposure. It is also recommended to charge and discharge once a month to optimize the performance of the battery.
The remote control has a built-in 30mAh lithium battery, the charging time is about 1 hour, and the battery life is about 10 hours.
30 minutes (flying at a constant speed in a windless environment).

F11MINI Remote Controller

Minimum width 4.7 inches ~ maximum width 6.5 inches
Long press the switch button in the middle of the remote control (compass calibration/attitude mode)
Press the right joystick down to switch the speed to stable or high speed, there are two speeds in total


1. The drone is not connected to WiFi. 2. In-flight environmental interference disconnects WiFi 3. Some mobile phones cannot be displayed due to incorrect network settings 4. The mobile phone has the VPN turned on, and the over-the-wall software
For the first download, you need to set the APP permissions and load the APP page map.
Open the phone settings ringtone size setting, turn up the volume.


In the open space outdoors, the drone automatically searches for GPS satellite signals, (the search time is about 1-2 minutes. According to the environment)
No, GPS signals cannot be searched in blocked places.
Switch to indoor mode to fly, but unable to fly at fixed point, unable to complete automatic return

F11MINI Accessory

Blades should be inspected for cracks, wear, deformation, corrosion, and loose blade screws before each flight. If the above conditions exist, the blades and screws need to be replaced in strict accordance with the guidelines in the blade replacement instructions.

F11MINI Safe Flight

Choose an open and undisturbed place (no obstacle within a 15-meter radius), take off more than 3 meters away from the droneAccordion Sample Description
When flying, try to fly at a higher altitude than surrounding obstacles to avoid hitting obstacles at a low flying height
Before flying, please check the drone, the battery level of the remote controller, and whether the propellers are screwed and deformed, etc.

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