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RC-Car 1601PRO
1601PRO - Robot-1601pro

RC-Car 1601PRO

Accessories Of RC-Car 1601PRO
FAQ Of The Product

Users can refer to the user manual, or watch the instructional videos by scaning the QR code on the user manual.
It is 100% fully assembled and Ready-To-Run version (RTR).
The car is assembled in the rubber tires, which is used in racing mode, and the package include an extra set of drift wheels, which is used for drifting function.
To get the best performance and maintain the car in good condition, please take the car to a flat and open and clean area to play.
1601pro is Equipped with ESP stabilization system.
It has two front lights, which can be switched into 3 kinds of light color, and it also has a red rear tail light.

Yes, it is four-wheel drive.
The 1601pro uses a 17g high-speed steering servo.
4CH 2.4Ghz integrated 25A brushless ESC.
Proportional throttle and steering control;
3 speed gear choices.

It has front and rear differential.
Integrated high-quality nylon chassis.
Multi-link independent suspension.
Hydraulic damping shock absorber.

Pistol Grip transmitter with proportional throttle and steering control.
About 196 ft in a straight line without interference.
AA batteries x3, which must be purchased separately.

No, use fast charging will cause safety issue.
18650 high rate lithium battery(included).
When it is low battery, the vehicle speed will slow down, and the red light of the transmitter will be flashing.
The battery should be stored in a waterproof and moisture-proof place.
If you do not use the battery for a long time, please discharge the battery to 40%-60% for storage.
And please recharge and discharge once every month to keep the battery active.

Once power on the car and the transmitter, they will pair automatically.
ESP activates when car speed reaches at least 30% of full throw.
Yes, smooth surface will makes it easier to complete drift action.
Yes, beginner need to practice in order to complete complicated drift actions.

You can find the frequently bought replacement parts on our online store, or you can contact our customer service for support.

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RC-Car 1601PRO

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