While the drone is under GPS mode, its default mode is Beginner Mode.

Which limits the flight range:
Maximum Flight Distance is 30 meters/98ft
Maximum Flight Altitude is 50 meters/164ft


1. The drone will not be able to fly over the range set by the APP. If it flies over the set altitude or distance, the drone will automatically fly back.

2. When the drone is flying within 30 meters, the drone returns to the take-off point at the current flying altitude of the drone.
It is recommended to fly the drone in an obstacle-free area within a radius of 30 meters to avoid hitting obstacles when returning.

3. If the beginner mode cannot be turned off in the settings after connecting to WiFi, please check whether there are other phones connected to the drone’s WiFi. If multiple phones are connected to the drone’s WiFi at the same time, the beginner mode cannot be turned off.


Follow the below picture to turn off the BeginnerMode and set the proper flight setting in the app

1) Connecting to the drone's WiFi
2) Enter the drone's APP
3) Click "Enter Device"

3) Click "Enter the Camera View"
4) Click settings"..."

5) Click "Customize" and turn off the beginner mode
7) Increase the flight distance

Please note: this process must be connected to the WiFi of the drone, otherwise the settings cannot be saved.