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Drone F11GIM2
F11GIM2 - Drone-F11-GIM2

Drone F11GIM2

FAQ Of The Product

Users can refer to the user manual and instructional videos, or get them in the RUKO DRONE APP.
After turning on the aircraft and the remote controller, they will be paired automatically, and it would take about 40S.
Yes, the drone can return to home by pressing the button ‘RTH’ under GPS mode. Meanwhile, please pay attention to the surrounding environment, and set the return altitude when press the button.
The drone will calculate the battery level by itself, and return home automatically according to the flying distance and power when it is low battery.But under windy fly environment, pilot should foresee the need to reserve more power for the drone to return.
When the remote control lost connection with the drone for about 6 seconds, the drone will start to return home automatically.
Yes, but the video resolution store on the phone is lower (1280 X 720P). It is recommended to install a memory card with a card speed of 10 or higher to record the picture and video (3840 X 2160P).
Yes, the drone supports a microSD card with capacity up to 128G, and the card read and write speed should be 10 or above.
The F11 GIM2 uses GPS+GLONASS positioning system for positioning.

2-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal (pitch, roll) + third-axis EIS electronic stabilization technology.
Yes, user can download it in the album after connecting to the drone’s WiFi.
After complete the compass and gyr calibration, place the drone on a flat surface, the gimbal camera will automatically self-check, this process will take about 20 seconds.

Open the WiFi section of the mobile phone and find a WiFi without a password, names: RUKO -GIM2-*****BRG.
Some Android phones may pop up the WiFi connection setting after connecting to WiFi, please keep the WiFi connected, otherwise, the image transmission will be failed.

Suggestion: Please turn off the mobile data and VPN, and turn on the airplane mode before connecting your phone to WiFi.
Enhanced Wi-Fi image transmission technology.

Open the phone and enter ringtone adjustment to turn up the volume.
0.17-0.24 seonds (depends on the flight environment and mobile device)
1. It is recommended to fly in an open and unobstructed place without wireless signal interference.
2. Close other running app on the mobile device to maintain its best performance.
3. Turn on the remote control antenna and point it in the same direction as the aircraft.
The maximum image transmission range is 9842ft in an open area without interference. The image transmission distance also depends on the mobile phone, as the reception signal of different mobile phones is different.

Before each flight, please checkwhether the propellers are cracked, worn, deformed, or corroded, and whether the propellers screws are loose.
If yes, the propellers and screws need to be replaced, and please follow the guidelines in the propellers replacement instructions strictly when you replace them.
3m/s (Camera mode)

6m/s (Normal mode)

9m/s (sports mode)
a. In the default mode (Beginner Mode), the flying altitude and distance will be limited to 30 meters.

b. The user has set a limited flight altitude and distance in the RUKO DRONE app flight settings.

c. The drone is in low battery. In this case, the flying altitude and distance will be limited to 30 meters.
It can fly at a constant speed for 28 minutes in a windless environment.

No, and use fast charging will cause safety issue.
It takes about 4.5 hours when using 5V=3A adapter.
Less than or equal to 15 watts (output currency 5V=3A)
It is recommended to charge and discharge once a month, maintain 50-60% of the electricity, and the battery should be stored in a cool environment and avoid high temperature exposure.
Never charge the battery immediately after it is used, wait until it cool down to home temperature.
Long press until the 4th light turns on: turn on the aircraft;
Long press until the 4th light goes out: turn off the drone.

It can be viewed through the LED screen on the remote controller.
Short press once to check the battery level when it is not on, also can check it from the remote control screen or the app during flight.
Long press the speed adjustment button once to turn off the GPS mode and enter the attitude mode.
But hovering function and automatic return to home cannot be performed in the attitude mode.
If you tap and then hold the emergency stop button when the drone is at the altitude of 42-49ft, the drone motors will stop working immediately and fall to the ground.
It is recommended only use it when in emergency to avoid unnecessary losses.
The remote control battery capacity is 1500mAh, it can be used for approximately 10 hours after fully charged.

Yes, there is an angle adjustment button on APP.
You can scan the code in the user manual to download or search for ROUKO DRONE in the app store to download.
When install the RUKO DRONE app, you need to set the app permissions and load the map data in the app.
Open the WiFi section of the mobile phone and find a WiFi without a password, names: RUKO -GIM2-*****BRG.

In an open outdoor area, the drone will automatically search for GPS satellite signals, (it would take 1-2 minutes,Which depends on the environment)
No, GPS signals cannot be searched when under shelter or surrounded by tall obstacles.
It can fly when you switch to altitude mode, but the drone cannot hover stably or return to home automatically.

“1. Unfold the front arm first, and then unfold the rear arm.
2. Rremove the gimbal cover carefully.
3. Place the drone on a level surface.”
“1. The remote controller is not turned on.
2. The remote controller is turned on, while it is still pairing with the drone, and this would take 40s.
3. The drone is in low battery.”
It maens the drone has entered the compass calibration state and you need to perform horizontal and vertical calibration.
Yes, calibration can help keep the drone flying stably and safely.

Propeller, arm, lampshade, and landing gear.
Remote controller, drone body, battery, propeller blade, lampshade, landing gear, arm, charging cable, and gimbal cover.

Safe Flight

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Drone F11GIM2

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