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Drone F11
F11 - Drone-F11

Drone F11

FAQ Of The Product

Users can refer to the user manual and instructional videos, and you could get them in the RUKO PRO APP.
Yes. The APP map will auto record the last landing point when the drone’s WiFi signal and GPS signal connected are fine.
Yes. The drone can return to home in GPS mode. Always be sure to observe the surrounding environment carefully and set a proper altitude to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home function.
Yes. The drone can auto calculate the battery power. When the power is low, the drone will return home automatically according to the flying distance and power.
Yes. When the remote controller loses signal connection with the drone for about 6 seconds, the drone will auto return home.
Yes. But the video pixels are lower (720P).
Yes, the drone supports a microSD card with capacity up to 32G, and the card read and write speed should be 10 or above.
Satellite System: GPS+GLONASS.

32 GB microSD card can record for more than 90 minutes.
Photo Resolutions
1920×1080P 25fps
Yes. You can replace the camera yourself.
Yes. After connecting to the drone’s WiFi, you can download it in the APP album.
After pair, the camera will auto move up and down. Please ensure that there is enough space under the camera.

Turn on the phone WiFi and find a WiFi(RUKO-F11-XXXXXXXX) without a password;
a. The drone is just compatible with a phone which supports dual-band WiFi (2.4 and 5G). Please make sure your phone supports dual-band WiFi.

b. Some Android phones may pop up the WiFi connection setting after connecting to WiFi, please keep the WiFi connected, otherwise, the image transmission will be failed.

c. Suggestion: Please turn off the mobile data and VPN, and turn on the airplane mode before connecting your phone to WiFi.
Enhanced Wi-Fi image transmission technology.

170ms to 240ms (affected by flight environment and mobile device performance).
Method :
a. Chose an open and unobstructed place without signal interference to fly.
b. Close other running programs of the mobile device to maintain the best performance.
Adjust the volume through the phone volume setting.
The maximum image transmission radius is 500 m (in an open and undisturbed environment)
The image transmission distance is directly related to the phone and the environment, and the signal received by mobile phones of different manufacturers is different.

F11 drone uses 1806 brushless motor.
Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws.
If any of these conditions exist, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers.
The maximum flight altitude is 120 m.
The max horizontal flight speed (no wind) is:12M/S.
a. In the beginner mode, the flight altitude is limited to 30 meters, and the flight distance is limited to 30 meters.
b. The flight height and distance are set in the flight settings in APP.
c. The drone’s battery power is low. When the power is low, the flying height will be limited to 30 meters and the flying distance will be limited to 30 meters.
30 minutes (measured while flying in windless conditions).

Use the 5V=3A adapter for about 4.5 hours at the fastest.
It is recommended to charge and discharge it once a month, do not store it fully charged, and keep 50-60% of the charge. Store in a cool environment and avoid high temperature exposure.
Long press until the 4th light turns on: turn on the drone;
Long press until the fourth light goes out: turn off the drone.

After unlocking the motor, press the button ⑥, one button take off with auto hover ; One button landing;
faq - Controller
Mobile Device Holder: 4.7 ” to 6 . 5 ” Smart Phones ( mobile phone diagonal length ) / 2 . 0 ” to3 . O ” Smart Phones ( mobile phone width)
Long press the button ⑤ to turn off the GPS mode and enter the attitude mode. The attitude mode cannot be used for Point of Interest flight and auto return home.
faq - Controller
Hold the button ⑥ for within a height of 13m-15m Emergency Stop. The drone will lose power and fall in free fall. It is recommended to use it in emergency situations to avoid unnecessary losses.
faq - Controller
Battery Capacity: 300mAh;
Charging Time: about 50 minutes;
Remote Controller Time: about 10 hours.

Recording can be performed on the phone terminal, but the drone terminal does not support recording.
Yes, click GPS Follow function on the APP, and the drone will enter the follow mode.
You can scan the QR code in the User Manual or search for RUKO PRO in the Apple/Google store to download.
1. Set the APP permissions.
2. Load the APP page map.

Choose an open outdoor place, the drone will auto search for GPS signals (search time is about 1-2 minutes. According to the environment)
No, GPS signals cannot be searched in obstructed places.
You can turned off the GPS Mode to fly, but the flight will be unstable, and auto return to home will not work.

Turn on the drone; Power on the remote control, push the left joystick up and down to pair with the drone.
1. The remote controller is not turned on and not paired with the drone.
2. Low power of drones.
This is the compass calibration part, please calibrate the drone horizontally and vertically.
Yes, every calibration can keep the drone flying stably and safely.

Propeller, arm, lampshade, landing gear, camera.
Remote controller, drone body, battery, propeller, lampshade, landing gear, arm, charging cable, camera.

Safe Flight

Tutorial Videos
Manuals Download
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Drone F11

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If you are sending a log file of the drone, please zip it first.
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